The Marvel Super Heroes (partially found live-action segments from WNAC-TV in Boston; 1966)

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Captain America Live-Action The Marvel Super Heroes 1966.png

Screenshot showing Arthur Pierce as Captain America.

Status: Partially Found

The Marvel Super Heroes was a syndicated animated series aired in 1966 based on five Marvel Comics characters. Each day of the week, a different hero would be featured in an episode: Captain America on Monday, Hulk on Tuesday, Iron Man on Wednesday, Thor on Thursday, and Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner on Friday. The series was produced in very limited animation that basically consisted of comic panels photocopied onto cels with added movement to certain body parts.

When the series was airing on WNAC-TV in Boston, Massachusetts, actor Arthur Pierce dressed up as Captain America and hosted live-action segments between animated segments. Other characters, such as Doctor Doom, Hulk, and Bucky also appeared in some of these live-action segments. Currently, all that is known to have survived to the present day of these segments is a low-quality fragment of a speech by Arthur Pierce as Captain America. It was recorded using a silent, black & white Super 8mm motion picture camera aimed at the television screen and a reel-to-reel tape recorder placed near the TV's speaker. These materials were later synced and uploaded to YouTube.[1]



Fragment featuring Arthur Pierce as Captain America.

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