The Monkey's Paw (lost original English audio of film; 1933)

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Film poster.

Status: Lost

The Monkey's Paw is a 1933 American film based on the eponymous horror story. The film was directed by Wesley Ruggles, written by the English author W.W. Jacobs, and released by RKO Radio Pictures. It stars Ivan F. Simpson, Louise Carter, and C. Aubrey Smith.

The plot of the film concerns a monkey paw that can grant three wishes and how each wish made has unexpected consequences. The film adaptation included more detail than the shorter original story, including a backstory for the paw and a twist ending.

In December 2000, an IMDb user posted a review of the film, which he had seen in 1933, when he was nine years old.

The film survives in French only, and no English copies are known to exist.[1]


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