The Mr. Men Show (partially found UK dubs of cut scenes from children's animated TV series; 2008-2009)

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The show's title card.

Status: Partially Found

The Mr. Men Show is a British-American children's animated TV series based on the Mr. Men and Little Miss books by Roger Hargreaves, produced by Renegade Animation and the now-defunct Chorion. It aired on Cartoon Network in the US and Channel 5's Milkshake! in the UK between 2008-2009. The series has had separate dubs produced for the American and British markets.

Additionally, for the UK broadcast of the show, a minute's worth of content was cut from each episode to compress the show between long advertising slots; this localization was also used for international dubs.

While the entire British dub, minus one episode, is available to watch on the "Mr. Men Little Miss Official" YouTube channel in NTSC format, most of the aforementioned scenes are still missing as in the original UK television broadcast. Deleted scenes can be identified by the fact that there are no transitions between them and the other scenes (excluding the first 2 episodes and most of season 2).


As of April 2022, 42 out of 104 removed scenes have been found dubbed into British English, all of which have been included as bonus features on official DVD releases in regions 2 and 4.

The dubbed deleted scenes from the episodes "Hobbies", "Inventions" and "Amusement Park" used to be hosted on the now-defunct website of the show, but have since gone missing. Before Flash was discontinued, the The Mr. Men Show page on Irish-language programming block Cula4 still functioned; however, the individual character videos led to broken links.[1]

In addition, some of the thumbnails from the official Mr. Men Little Miss channel on YouTube contain high-quality stills from scenes that were removed in the UK and international broadcasts.

Season 1

Many scenes were obtained from six small compilation DVDs that contained random episodes from the first season, all of which have been recovered and uploaded to YouTube as of March 26th, 2022, when a copy of the otherwise out-of-print Region 4 DVD "Mr. Strong & Friends Love to Learn" was obtained by user "MrNormalDraws." The scenes can be found by activating the "Secret Scenes" option on the bonus features menu.[2]

# Episode Status
1 Physical Found
2 Boo-Boos Found
3 Farm Contains no dialogue
4 Movies Found
5 Science Found
6 Lake Found
7 Books Contains no dialogue
8 Beach Lost (possibly undubbed)
9 Boats Lost
10 Mall Undubbed
11 Flying Found
12 Hobbies Lost
13 Dance Lost
14 Inventions Lost
15 Fair Found
16 Camping Found
17 Amusement Park Lost
18 Trains Found
19 Paint Lost (possibly undubbed)
20 Fish Lost
21 Adventure Found
22 Construction Found
23 Snow Lost
24 Canned Goods Lost
25 Jobs Found
26 Gardens Lost
27 Collecting Found
28 Chores Found
29 Restaurants Found
30 Music Found
31 Full Moon Found
32 Night Found
33 Food Lost
34 Bugs Found
35 Cooking Lost
36 Rainy Day Found
37 Heatwave Found
38 Sleep Found
39 Yard Work/Lawns Found
40 Parade Lost
41 Games Lost
42 Superstore Lost
43 Hotel Found
44 Birthday Found
45 Car Wash Lost
46 Wildlife Found
47 Dillydale Day Lost
48 Cars Found
49 Sightseeing Lost
50 The Dark Lost
51 Circus Lost
52 Ships Lost

Season 2

Most scenes were obtained from more recent UK DVD releases of the show, dated 2014-2015, being exclusively sold on Amazon. These DVDs contain episodes from both seasons of the show.[3] However, there are only five of these DVDs being sold on the website as of this writing. Based on the internal DVD numbering and the fact that one set of deleted scenes comes from a DVD that no longer appears on the Amazon website.

# Episode Status
53 Picnics Lost
54 Driving Lost
55 Outer Space Lost
56 Clean Teeth Lost
57 Airports Lost
58 Shoes Lost
59 Arts and Crafts Lost
60 Game Shows Lost
61 Garages Lost
62 Eyeglasses Lost
63 Toys Lost
64 Reptiles Lost
65 Hats Lost
66 Robots Lost
67 Parties Found
68 Up and Down Found
69 Dining Out Found
70 Gifts Found
71 Sun and Moon Found
72 Telephone Found
73 Seashore Found
74 Washing and Drying Lost
75 Sneezes and Hiccups Lost
76 Fruit Lost
77 Radio Lost
78 Supermarket Lost
79 Skyscrapers Lost
80 Cinema Lost
81 Getting Around Found
82 Clocks Found
83 Post Office Found
84 Pets Found
85 Dance Dance Dance Found
86 Trees Found
87 Library Found
88 Pirates Lost
89 Goo Lost
90 Trains and Planes Lost
91 Out to Sea Lost
92 Next Door Lost
93 Lunch Lost
94 Machines Lost
95 Fairies and Gnomes Lost
96 Home Improvement Lost
97 Birds Lost
98 Bath and Bubbles Lost
99 Sand and Surf Lost
100 Parks Lost
101 Surprises Lost
102 Travel Lost
103 Bad Weather Lost
104 Pests Lost