The New Adventures of Speed Racer (partially lost American reboot of 1967 anime racing series; 1993)

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Title card of the series.

Status: Partially Lost

The New Adventures of Speed Racer (or simply Speed Racer, according to the title card) is a 1993 American reboot of Tatsunoko Production's 1967 series Speed Racer, developed by Speed Racer Enterprises, Fred Wolf Films, and PANGEA, the latter two best known for their work with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.[1] Due to conflicts with Warner Bros, who held theatrical rights to the franchise, The New Adventures of Speed Racer would only last 13 episodes before being cancelled. Of the 13 episodes, only 8 ever made it home video, and 3 episodes remain lost in their original form. All 13 episodes have appeared with a Russian dub, reportedly from a Slovenian DVD, however, this cannot be verified as the source.

Episode List

# Episode Title Home Video Status
1 The Mach-5's First Trial Yes Found
2 The Pleasantville Terror Yes Found
3 The Race Against X Yes Found
4 B.O.S.S. Yes Found
5 Creature From the Sombra Lagoon Yes Found
6 Trouble in Deep Twelve Yes Found
7 The Mach 5 Is Missing No Found (Russian)
8 Race to the Future Yes Found
9 Escape from the Past Yes Found (Russian)
10 Samurai Racers No Found (Russian)
11 Dawn of the Mutants No Found
12 Return to the Future No Found
13 Attack from the Future No Found (Russian)

Note: The series known in Brazil as As Novas Aventuras de Speed Racer, which literally translates as The New Adventures of Speed Racer, refers to the 1997 reboot instead.


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