The Outer Limits (lost scripts of possible eighth season of TV series revival; 2002-2003)

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The Outer Limits logo from 1995-2002.

Status: Lost

The 1995 revival of the well-known classic sci-fi series, The Outer Limits, aired on Showtime and Sci-Fi from 1995 to 2002. All episodes had an distinct story with most of them having a plot-twist at each ending, and some episodes had story arcs.


Sometime around February 2002, a month after the seventh season's conclusion on Sci-Fi, some viewers posted on the "Outer Messages" forum on The Outer Limits' local website, were wondering, if Season 8 was in the works. One person had stated that the show was currently in "limbo" and near cancellation.[1]

Possible Movie and Scripts

Months later, around July-October 2002, some users on the forum site once again brought up the rumor of an eighth season. A screenwriter who went by the name "Mr. Mr. Disgruntled" on the forum, sent out a link for scripts for Season 8, but unfortunately the redirect to the link was not archived.[2]

During this time, production of a potential Outer Limits movie was being worked on and rumored by some users of the forum, with one of the Outer Limits posters confirming it, but nothing has come out of that since then.[3]


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