The Platform Master (found Ulillillia documentary film; 2012)

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A photo of Ulillillia.

Status: Found

Date found: 31 Dec 2019 (official release)

Found by: 3verythingWorks (official release)

The Platform Master is a documentary on internet legend, programmer, author, and video game enthusiast Nick Smith aka. Ulillillia. In the documentary, Nick is takes the viewer through his day-to-day life and some of the strange stuff he does as well as the development of his over three-hundred-level video game. The documentary was filmed in Nick's hometown of Minot, North Dakota during the March 2011 floods. Initially intended for a Summer 2012 release, while not official speculation points to a low reception at various film festivals. It was not until December 31st, 2019 when the documentary in its entirety was premiered on YouTube by the production company.


Ulillillia (born Nick Smith) is an internet legend and was first discovered on the Something Awful forums by user Maldoror.[1] Users took notice of his unique mannerisms and his own set of laws that he followed. As more about Ulillillia was uncovered such as his youtube channel, website, and book, the more people took interest in him, and likewise, Ulillillia did not shy away from the attention. Ulillillia became obsessed with the games such as Super Monkey Ball and Bubsy 3D as he tried to find the highest point in every level in the game. This obsession would often distract him from finishing his game.

The greatest claim of Ulillillia is his nearly three-hundred-level video game called Platform Master. The point of the game is to reach the goal at the end of the level, but really, it seems to serve as a sort of outlet for Ulillillia's mind game. The player has the ability to fall and jump great distances at very high speeds, in which the game measures at painstakingly exact quantities.[2]

The Documentary

The Platform Master was announced in 2011 by the production company called Everything Works. It was meant to detail the unique characteristics of Ulillillia and the development of his video game. The trailer was released on YouTube in December 2011 with a release date of Fall 2012. On November 15th, 2012, the official site for the documentary put out a statement that a digital release was planned "very soon" for iTunes. The film did not meet its 2012 release date and the issue was addressed on April 20th, 2013, where the director Trevor Duwyn claimed the documentary was 75% finished but gave no promised release date.[3]

This update would be the last one given before the documentary was released. During that time, many fans of Ulillillia started to question if the documentary would ever see the light of day.[4] Some claimed that the documentary was shelved due to the poor reception it had received at numerous film festivals.


Out of nowhere on December 31st, 2019, The Platform Master debuted on Everything Works' YouTube channel. A post on the r/Ulillillia pointed to this.[5] The documentary was met with much praise and has even gone on to be screened at film festivals.


The full documentary.