The Rotten Tomatoes Show (partially found TV series based on review website; 2009-2011)

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Brett Erlich and Ellen Fox as hosts of the show.

Status: Partially Found

The Rotten Tomatoes Show was a show based on the site Rotten Tomatoes that aired on Current TV's lineup and posted online on their site and YouTube channel from 2009 to 2011.


The show is largely built around hosts Brett Erlich and Ellen Fox reviewing two or three movies that were coming to theaters at that time every week while a variety of various segments like sketches and top 5s of movies and celebrities were put once in every episode. Each episode had be backed by mostly viewers of current's site and rotten tomatoes as well as independent film makers, comedians and professional critics until midway of season 2 when the format changed to focus on just professional critics leaving others little to no involvement in future episodes. The show had a total of 74 episodes until September 2010, when the show was canceled with no explanation as to why, though segments of the show were still shown in the show infomania until that show got canned in 2011 due to Current's schedule changes to their lineup.

Current TV's demise

In 2013, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Network dropped Current TV when it was being was bought and shut down by the Al Jazeera network and using its distribution network to launch the channel Al Jazeera America. This left Current TV to close its site for three years and removed their content in it along with their YouTube channel. As of now Current is now a banking site.


Since Current TV removed their content, only a hand full of clips of the show has surfaced along with the list of episodes with some containing descriptions of them and a few photos of the show.




A compilation of clips from the show.

A review of the film Iron Man 2.

A review of the film Chloe.

A review of the film Paranormal Activity.

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