The SOPRANOS: Final Last Episode Review "we got whacked" (found online review video by "The Irate Gamer"; 2007)

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The thumbnail of the review.

Status: Found

Date found: 12 Jun 2020

Found by: HalfLife2Stuff

"the SOPRANOS: Final Last Episode Review (we got whacked)" is a review video created by the infamous YouTuber Chris Bores, best known for his The Irate Gamer web series. The video was mildly notable at the time for Bores staying in his Irate Gamer character, despite not talking about video games.


The video's original description is as follows:

"If you watched the series finale of Soprano's, or interested in Final Episodes of TV shows in General, then this video is for you! (For those who haven't seent he last episode, the last scene, the main cast were in a diner talking and just before anything happens, the scene just went to black for 5 minutes before the credits rolled. People were pissed that there was no ending to this show) I explore season finale's of multiple shows and compare them in order to shed some light on a few things. Make sure you understand what happened in the last episode that made everyone upset before watching. (Sorry guys, I took a break from the game reviews and they are coming along shortly!)."[1]

The video itself starts with Bores telling everyone to calm down over The Sopranos' ending, followed by the title card: "Irate Gamer on: Season Finales". Bores begin his review talking about the anticipation fans have overhit shows, and how the final episodes should be good, listing off M*A*S*H and Arrested Development as examples. He also brings up the Seinfeld finale and his opinion on how it was not as bad as people say it was, as well as Sliders as an example of a show that got worse over time.

Bores then compares The Sopranos' multiple plot-lines with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, feeling that the series needed closure to see the characters move on. The video ends with Bores saying: "This is the most important thing I’ll ever say in my life, but-", then cutting to black, referencing The Sopranos finale itself.[2]


The video was uploaded on June 16th, 2007, six days after The Sopranos finale aired on June 10th. The exact date of removal is unknown, but using the Wayback Machine, it can be narrowed down to after November 5th, 2015. Despite captures existing the message "Sorry, the Wayback Machine does not have this video (pvFXtkoPxQw) archived (or not indexed yet)," appears.[3]

A mirror of the video was uploaded by HalfLife2Stuff on June 12th, 2020.


Re-upload of the review.

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