The Sicilian Defence (found The Alan Parsons Project album; 1979)

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The album’s cover.

Status: Found

Date found: 31 Mar 2014

Found by: Alan Parsons

The Alan Parsons Project was a British progressive rock band between 1975 and 1990. The band consisted of producer Alan Parsons and songwriter Eric Woolfson along with various session musicians, such as guitarist Ian Bairnson and drummer Stuart Elliot.[1]

In 1981, during contract renegotiations with their label, Arista Records, the group gave them an album titled The Sicilian Defence (named after an aggressive opening chess move). The record deemed the album "unmarketable" and ended up suing the group $45 million US dollars for breaching their contract and deliberately making a bad album to renegotiate sooner. In the end, they renegotiated and made another album, The Turn of a Friendly Card, in place of The Sicilian Defence, which went unreleased. When asked about the scrapped album, Parsons made it clear that the album would never be released if it were up to him.[2][3]


In 2009, before his death, Woolfson had plans to release one of the tracks from the album and eventually did in the CD re-release of Eve.

After relocating the original tapes, Parsons had evidently changed his mind on releasing the album, as The Sicilian Defence was officially included in The Complete Albums Collection box set released on March 31st, 2014.


The album.