The TNT Show (partially found Channel 4 comedy sketch show; 2009)

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The TNT Show introduction.

Status: Partially Found

The TNT Show (also known simply as TNT), was a twelve-part Channel 4 comedy sketch show that was broadcast in 2009, during late evening slots. The show featured jokes about each week's news stories, as well as relevant sketches. It was co-hosted by comedians Jack Whitehall and Holly Walsh, with the show essentially being a second series of another Channel 4 show, Tonightly.


The TNT Show first aired on June 11th, 2009, and featured a variety of sketches during its run. Descriptions of the show played up the fact this was one of Whitehall and Walsh's first television shows, stating how these two "young comedy upstarts" would be able to showcase their talent on a weekly basis during late night slots. Walsh would later claim in an interview how she enjoyed working on The TNT Show with Whitehall.[1]

Regular features on the show included Jack Whitehall Investigates, where Whitehall interviews guests who are in actuality actors, in front of an audience who think it is a legitimate discussion show; Holly Walsh's Celebrity News, where Walsh quickly summarises through graphics concerning celebrity gossip' Dictionary Corner, where Tom Allen would showcase new words; and Gilbert's Special Report, where Gilbert, played by Morgana Robinson,[2] and a crew all with disabilities attempt to interview various celebrities.[3]

The show's June 25th, 2009 episode proved controversial, as Channel 4 took it off-air before it finished, as it featured a segment where Whitehall interviews a Michael Jackson impersonator, at the same time when rumours surrounding the real Jackson's death began circulating.[4][5] The show was ultimately cancelled after one season, with an article by Female First claiming the show was "ill-fated", implying the show was unsuccessful in attracting viewers.[6]


Episodes of The TNT Show were available on the Channel 4 on demand service 4oD.[7] However, no episodes are currently available on its modern website. Likely because of the show's unsuccessful venture beyond a cult status,[8] no full episodes of the show are currently accessible to the public. However, a few segments were uploaded to YouTube by YouTube Comedy Network Channel Dead Parrot.


Jack Whitehall Investigates: Recession.

Jack Whitehall Investigates: Adoption.

Jack Whitehall Investigates: Sexism.

Jack Whitehall Investigates: ASBOs.

Gilbert's Special Report: The Cheeky Girls.

Gilbert's Special Report: Paul Danan.

Gilbert's Special Report: H From Steps.

Gilbert's Special Report: Antony Worrall Thompson.

Gilbert's Special Report: Sophie Anderton.

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