The Tales of Super Jon (partially lost early YouTube series by Jon Jafari; late 2000s)

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Screencap of Jon from the series.

Status: Partially Lost

The Tales of Super Jon was a series of skits created by "TheOnionKing" (Jon Jafari, later known as "JonTron"), back in the late 2000s.

This was a vlog-type series where Jon recounts fictional occurrences in a comedic fashion.


Following Jon's move to his more popular channel, he privatized all but two of his videos on his old channel (which is to be expected, given his penchant for removing older videos).

The existence of his Tales of Super Jon videos was confirmed in a video made by "TheGamerFromMars" uploaded on January 8th, 2016. where small clips of it were included, but he didn't reveal how he got them until a year later, on February 9th, 2017, with the video "The Missing Jontron Videos".

Partial Resurfacement

In the video, he revealed that he was one of the earliest members of the NormalBoots forums. While there, he saw a post where someone had posted a link to Jon's old channel, which had videos still uploaded. They were later quickly set to private, but he managed to download two of the three Tales of Super Jon videos before they were privatized. While explaining, he showed more small clips of it.

He couldn't download the third video but managed to recall a fragment of its content:

"It had Jon and a friend of his dancing around and lip-syncing a song from what sounded like the 1940s ... and using random objects as musical instruments"

, he said this was from 6 years ago so, his memory might not be the best.

He can't release the 2 remaining videos because, being a public figure, he is afraid of getting into legal trouble with "JonTron". He also encouraged people who want to see the videos to take it up to "JonTron" and start searching for them (similar to how people searched for "Apples and BREAKS").

On September 23rd, 2017, a user named "harrisonhopper" uploaded a small clip of one of the episodes. The description reads;

"An old clip of the first episode released back in 2009. I have the entire video but can't upload the entire thing unless with permission from Jontron, so here's a 4-second clip of the opening. pretty cool huh?".

The small clip contained audio. On September 27th, 2017, YouTuber "SexyAbraham" uploaded a 4-second clip of the first episode and claimed to be real-life friends with user "harrisonhopper." Based on both clip's audio and footage from them and TheGamerFromMars' video, "SexyAbraham"'s clip is the first 4 seconds, and "Harrisonhopper"'s clip immediately shows the other 4 seconds. Thus both clips show the first 8 seconds. Sadly because of's shutdown in December of 2017, "harrisonhopper"'s clip is only available on YouTube via reuploads.


On December 21st, 2020, YouTuber "Just Jargon" uploaded a video discussing JonTron's lost videos in which he revealed that he had copies of the first two Tales of Super Jon videos. How he acquired them is unknown. Therefore, it is unknown if he also downloaded them before they were privatized, if he acquired them from TheGamerFromMars, harrisonhopper, or SexyAbraham, or if he found them elsewhere online.

After releasing his video, The two Tales of Super Jon videos were promptly uploaded to his second channel and to

The third video, however, remains entirely lost as Just Jargon confirmed that he doesn't have it, with the same being true for TheGamerFromMars, Harrisonhopper, and SexyAbraham. Due to the obscurity of the third video, the only hope for its rediscovery is if either someone else has a copy or if JonTron re-releases it to the public, with both of those being seemingly very unlikely.


TheGamerFromMars' video on the subject (SuperJon clip starts at 6:46).

TheGamerFromMars' video about JonTron; 1:27-2:05 features the videos in question.

Jontron's lost videos.

Superjon Enters the World.

Episode 2.

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