The Tim Conway Show (lost CBS TV series; 1970)

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Tim Conway show 1970 title.jpg

The title card for The Tim Conway Show (1970).

Status: Lost

The Tim Conway Show and The Tim Conway Comedy Hour were two different comedy shows starring comedian Tim Conway that both aired in 1970 on CBS.[1] Both were rather unsuccessful as the first ran for only twelve episodes as the latter aired thirteen after both getting low ratings.[2]

The first was a situation comedy set on a small charter airline called Triple A Airlines where Conway played a bumbling plane pilot. The show costarred Jo Flynn (the two had previously worked on McHale's Navy) as his boss who was the co-owner and president of the company. Only two episodes can be found online being #2 "Mail Contract", and #5 "All of Our Aircraft is Missing". The remaining ten are considered lost and even the titles of episodes #4 and 11 are unknown. However, plots and air dates are known from TV guide listings.

Other Shows

The second was a variety and sketch comedy which was later revived in concept as The Tim Conway Show (1980, which is also considerably missing). Despite increased efforts by featuring the Nelson Riddle Orchestra and guest stars such as Sally Struthers, it was cancelled.

Another short-lived series starring Conway aired in 1983 called Ace Crawford, Private Eye and only had five episodes. Three of which were released onto VHS in 1988 which can be found; however, the other two episodes are lost.


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