Theodore Tugboat (found Canadian children's TV series; 1995-2001)

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Theodore Tugboat Title Card.jpeg

Title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 29 Mar 2018

Found by: Various people

Theodore Tugboat is a Canadian children's television series about a tugboat named Theodore who lives in the Big Harbor with all of his friends. The show originated (and is set) in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, as a co-production between the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and the now-defunct Cochran Entertainment. A total of 130 episodes were produced from 1993 to 2001. In the English version, the series is narrated by the Harbourmaster, played by the late Denny Doherty (From the Mamas and Papas), who provided all the voices for the characters.

Theodore Tugboat only had 35 episodes released on Home video in the USA and Canada. Currently, all the episodes can be watched online in an incomplete format, some being taped off of PBS Kids and BBC kids and many others being taped off of Qubo during its run from 2007 to 2009,[1] but a portion of the Harbourmaster's segment from the episode "Theodore and the Big Harbour" remained lost. On March 29th, 2018, the segment was found by YouTuber Theodore Tugboat.


# Episode Title Status
1 Theodore and the Oil Rig Found
2 Theodore and the Homesick Rowboat Found
3 The Dark and Scary Cove Found
4 Foduck the Vigilant Found
5 Different Strokes - Different Boats Found
6 Hank and the Mermaid Found
7 True Blue Friends Found
8 Bumper Buddies Found
9 Theodore and the Welcome Found
10 Theodore the Vegetable Found
11 The Day Ice Came to the Harbour Found
12 Theodore's Bad Dreams Found
13 Theodore's First Pull Found
14 Theodore and the Queen Found
15 Theodore and Bluenose Found
16 Is Anybody Listening? Found
17 George Buzzes the Dock Found
18 The Big Harbour Clean Up Contest Found
19 Best Friends Found
20 Theodore and the Big Harbour Found
21 Theodore's Whistle Found
22 George's Ghost Found
23 Theodore Changes Sides


24 Night Shift Found
25 Whale of a Tug Found
26 The Tugboat Pledge Found
27 Emergency Found
28 The Cold Snap Found
29 Hank and the Hug Found
30 Emily and the Rocket Found
31 Foduck Stays Home Found
32 Theodore the Tug in Charge Found
33 Theodore in the Middle Found
34 Carla the Cool Cabin Cruiser Found
35 Snorri the Viking Ship Found
36 Tug of the Year Found
37 Theodore the Jokester Found
38 Emily the Vigorous Found
39 Theodore's Day Off Found
40 Foduck and the Rainbow Found
41 All Quiet in the Big Harbour Found
42 Theodore to the Rescue Found
43 A Joke Too Far Found
44 Theodore and the Ice Ship Found
45 Big Harbour Fools Day Found
46 Grumpy Garbage Barge Found
47 Theodore Hugs the Coast Found
48 Hank's Hiccups Found
49 Hank's New Name Found
50 Theodore and the Northern Lights Found
51 Big Harbor Birthday Found
52 Theodore's Backwards Day Found
53 Scally's Stuff Found
54 Theodore's Big Friend Found
55 Theodore and the Missing Barge Found
56 Theodore and the Borrowed Bell Found
57 Emily's Close Call Found
58 Emily's New Hat Found
59 Emily and the Tug-Of-War Found
60 Theodore and the Lost Bell Buoy Found
61 Theodore and the Bully Found
62 George and the Underwater Mystery Found
63 R. Boat and the Queen Found
64 Hank and the Night Light Found
65 Theodore and the Pirate Found
66 Foduck's Hurt Feelings Found
67 Theodore's Tough Tugging Found
68 Theodore's Ocean Adventure Found
69 Theodore's New Job Found
70 Digby's Disaster Found
71 Dartmouth Says Goodbye Found
72 George's Funny Noise Found
73 Rebecca's Treasure Found
74 Guysborough's Garbage Found
75 Theodore's Visit to Ceilidh's Cove Found
76 George's Turn Found
77 Theodore Lands On Earth Found
78 Hank Makes a Friend Found
79 Foduck Blows His Stack Found
80 Sigrid and the Bumpers Found
81 Hank's Wheezy Whistle Found
82 Theodore and the Haunted Houseboat Found
83 Northumberland is Missing Found
84 Emily Goes Overboard Found
85 Emily and the Splash Found
86 Rebecca and the Big Snore Found
87 Theodore and the Lies Found
88 Theodore's Bright Idea Found
89 George and the Navy Ship Found
90 Theodore's Prize Found
91 The Dispatcher's Best Birthday Found
92 Emily's Easy Job Found
93 Nautilus and the Sinking Ship Found
94 Owan On the Loose Found
95 Emily's Bruised Bumper Found
96 Theodore Shares his Story Found
97 Hank Hurts a Ship Found
98 Theodore and the Harbour Crane Found
99 Theodore On Time Found
100 George's Big Hurry Found
101 Theodore and the Buoy Boat Found
102 Theodore Gets Lost Found
103 Hank's Funny Feeling Found
104 Theodore and the Runaway Ferry Found
105 Theodore and the Scared Ship Found
106 Foduck in Reverse Found
107 Hank and the Sunken Ship Found
108 Theodore and the Bickering Barges Found
109 Theodore the All-Powerful Found
110 George and the Flags Found
111 Hank Stays Up Late Found
112 Theodore the Tattletug Found
113 Brunswick's Big Scare Found
114 Hank and the Silly Faces Found
115 Emily Finds a Friend Found
116 Hank's Cozy Cove Found
117 Theodore and the Hunt for Northumberland Found
118 Bedford's Big Move Found
119 Emily Drifts Off Found
120 Guysborough Makes a Friend Found
121 Theodore and the Missing Siren Found
122 Pugwash is Gone! Found
123 Theodore and the Unsafe Ship Found
124 Emily and the Sleep-Over Found
125 Foduck and the Shy Ship Found
126 Theodore Takes Charge Found
127 Theodore's Bright Night Found
128 George Waits His Turn Found
129 Hank Floats Forward Found
130 Theodore's Big Decision Found


Incomplete version of "Theodore And The Big Harbour."

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