They Were Giants: Great Moments in The Great Hall (lost radio drama; 1998-1999)

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Status: Lost

They Were Giants: Great Moments in The Great Hall, was a series of live audio dramas released on public radio stations between 1998 and 1999,[1] dramatizing the lives of literary figures such as Walt Whitman, H.G. Wells, Anton Chekhov, produced by famed audio drama producer Himan Brown[2] (responsible for CBS Mystery Theatre, Inner Sanctum Mysteries) and funded by his non-profit educational foundation Radio Drama Network.[3] The Dramas stared notable radio actors such as Tony Roberts, Marian Seldes and Michael Wager. The script where written by people who had worked on previous drama produced by Himan Brown, such as Sammuel Dann who responsible for over 300 CBS Mystery Theatre scripts.


Some Episode where recorded to CD, it is unclear if they where ever intended to be sold to the public.[4][5]


Subject Cast
H.G. Wells
Anton Chekhov
Walt Whitman
Somerset Maugham
Abraham Lincoln Host George Campbell, Actors: Paul Hecht, Diana Kirkwood, Russell Horton
Roebling family
Stephen Girard Host Charles Osgood; Actors: Paul Hecht, Teri Keane, Russell Horton, Bob Kaliban, Sam Gray
Peter Cooper Host George Campbell, Actors: Jr Tony Roberts, Marian Seldes, Michael Wager