ThinkDesktop Screenmates (partially found desktop toys; 2000s)

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Screenshot of LaunchPad Communicator ScreenMate.

Status: Partially Found

ScreenMates were desktop toy BDAs (branded desktop applications) made from commissions mostly for the brands of Media and entertainment, and Retail in order to promote the brand. The desktop toys included features to play around with such as adding characters to the desktop, streaming clips, playing music, arranging dates for events, or showing news related to the brand.

History[edit | edit source]

After AdTools rebranded their website to ThinkDesktop, ScreenMates were made and distributed through the mid-late 2000s. Popular brands like Family Guy and Pillsbury Doughboy had ScreenMates made for them. After the rapid decline of the desktop toys, they were discontinued around the 2010s era, with the ThinkDesktop brand and website becoming defunct later.

Availability[edit | edit source]

ScreenMates were mostly available to download on the ThinkDesktop website, or downloadable through other ways. Very few ScreenMates were archived properly. Most of them were not archived because ThinkDesktop's website required filling out a survey form before downloading the installer, making Wayback Machine unable to archive them. They also were not archived for limited availability at certain times, making most of them lost media. There is no guarantee whether or not they are accessible primarily as most require an internet connection to be used.

ScreenMates[edit | edit source]

# Brand Status
1 Ice Age Found
2 Family Guy Partially found
3 The Ant Bully Partially found
4 Stop & Shop Lost
5 Webmaster Radio Lost
7 Hasbro Monkey Bar TV Lost
8 LaunchPad Communicator Lost
9 Scott Lost
10 Blue Cross (UK) Lost
11 American Dad Lost
12 Cottonelle Found
13 Hawaiian Airlines Lost
14 Vail Resorts Lost
15 Dodge Lost
16 SpongeBob SquarePants Found
17 Avatar: The Last Airbender Found
18 The Fairly OddParents Found
19 Pillsbury Lost
20 Comcast Spectator Lost
21 Network World Lost

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