Threediots (partially found Nintendo Video comedy series; 2012-2014)

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Logo of the series.

Status: Partially Found

Threediots was a six episode long video series created by Kate Duffy and produced by Consolidated Baily, Inc. distributed in 3D via the Nintendo Video service for the Nintendo 3DS, which was discontinued on March 31, 2014. It was the first original series for Nintendo Video. The series is a comedy about Burke Edwardson (played by Don Fanelli) and Lola Edwardson (played by Tanisha Long)[1][2] who go on many strange misadventures in Somerville.[3]

The series was initially announced during a Nintendo 3DS conference [4] and met mixed reviews from the Nintendo community.

Many of the videos which were on Nintendo Video made a reappearance on the Nintendo eShop after Nintendo Video was discontinued. However, Threediots cannot be found on the Nintendo eShop. It is still possible to download the Nintendo Video app from the eShop, but once connected to the internet, the Nintendo Video service will immediately deactivate.[5] The Wayback Machine saved some of Nintendo Video's files, but it has yet to be proven that they can still be played on a Nintendo 3DS.[6]

Nintendo Video also saved videos on the SD Card, in the form of Extra Data.[7] This means it is also possible that someone who used to use the Nintendo Video service could still have Threediots on their SD Card, and could play the video if they opened Nintendo Video without enabling their internet connection. It isn't trivial to play videos meant for Nintendo Video on other platforms because they use Nintendo's MobiClip format.[8]

Behind the Scenes videos, photos, a teaser, and other videos of the series were posted on the Threediots Facebook page. It remains unknown if Nintendo or anyone affiliated with Threediots has copies of any of the six episodes.


The only reminiscence of any episode of the series, is a bad quality recording of the first episode.

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