Through the Fire (partially found unreleased television movie; 2002)

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Through the Fire.PNG

(from left to right) Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis and Anne-Marie Johnson

Status: Partially Found

Through the Fire is a 2002 romantic comedy television movie that acted as the pilot episode for an unproduced television series. However, it would not be released. It starred Michael Dorn (who also served as writer and director), Ron Dorn, Anne-Marie Johnson, Johnny Liska and Marina Sirtis. Michael Dorn and Sirtis had previously co-starred in Star Trek: The Next Generation as Worf and Deanna Troi.


While living in New York City, Michael Collins (Michael Dorn), a theater critic, meets his ex-girlfriend Anne-Marie (Anne-Marie Johnson), a theater actress. The two rekindle their relationship but argue about several items, such as Collins giving her a bad review. Mary (Marina Sirtis), Michael's best friend, decides to help them. They eventually get married, much to Mary's dismay, as she thinks Michael and Anne-Marie were going too quickly.


  • Michael Dorn as Michael Collins
  • Ron Dorn as Doorman
  • Anne-Marie Johnson as Anne-Marie
  • Johnny Liska as Peter
  • Marina Sirtis as Mary


The pilot would go unsold and the television movie was not aired.

In 2012, Dorn would start a Kickstarter to fund the production of the project, apparently deciding to remake it. Besides Dorn, the only known participants were Armin Shimerman and Nana Visitor (Dorn's co-stars on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine). There is no proof that any filming commenced on this version.

Available Footage

YouTube user James MarinaSirtisFan uploaded three clips of the program, each totaling about one-minute each. On the comments to the first clip, the user says that they do not remember how they got the footage in the first place. It is possible that these clips sent to networks or production companies to sell the pilot.

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

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