Together For Days (lost Samuel L. Jackson indie film; 1972)

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Black cream col.jpg

Poster for the film, under its Black Cream alternative title.

Status: Lost

Together For Days, also known as Black Cream, is a 1972 independent film directed by Michael Schultz, starring Clifton Davis, Lois Chiles and the first screen appearance of Samuel L. Jackson.

Plot and Production

The plot deals with the interracial romance between a black man and a white woman and the reaction by their friends and family.

The film was shot entirely on location in Atlanta and is mainly notable mainly for featuring the debut of Samuel L. Jackson in a supporting role.

In addition, it apparently featured a shock ending described by one critic as, "so strong and so real, it [would] blow all my staunch black sisters' minds," though it is unclear what exactly is involved.


Apart from this, not much else is known about Together For Days or how it may have drifted into obscurity the way it did. It is unknown if the original masters still exist if they have been destroyed.

Jackson himself jokingly claimed during an interview on The Tonight Show in 2010 that he was glad that no one, including host Jay Leno, had been able to locate a copy.

In 2017, in a Wired video, Jackson mentioned the movie again, advising "Don't go looking for it", referring either to its quality or rarity. Oddly enough, he says that the film stars Calvin Lockhart, who is not credited as having acted in it in any source (although Jackson could have simply misremembered).

The film was sold on eBay at one point, but the print is no longer available for purchase and the unknown person who bought the print has not shared it online.[1]

Ultimately, it is rather unlikely that the film will ever see any sort of re-release.


The Wired auto-complete interview where the film was briefly mentioned. (1:45-1:52)

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