Tomb Raider Anniversary (lost build of cancelled Core Design version of PlayStation Portable action-adventure game remake; 2006-2007)

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The port's title screen.

Status: Lost

After the critical and commercial failure of Angel of Darkness, Eidos Interactive gave the Tomb Raider rights from the Core Design team, the original creators, to Crystal Dynamics, known for the Legacy of Kain series. What followed was Tomb Raider Legend, a critically well received and more profitable reboot.

Running parallel to Crystal Dynamic's production of Legend, Core began working on a remake of the original Tomb Raider, under the title Tomb Raider Anniversary. The final product would have been released on the PSP. Eidos, however, cancelled the project before it was finished (reportedly, it was over 60% done when cancelled). There are conflicting reports to why it was cancelled but the popular explanations are Eidos didn't want Core to release the game after the design team was sold to another publishing company and Eidos would prefer Crystal Dynamics to develop the game.

In 2007, Crystal Dynamics released their version of Anniversary. A playable version of Core's game has yet to be released.


A trailer for the PSP version of the game