Tord explains why he left Eddsworld (RIP Edd Gould) (partially lost YouTube video; 2012)

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Status: Partially Found (Footage) Found (Audio)

Date found: 02 Apr 2022 (Audio)

Found by: loco_d1ego (Audio)

Tord Åke Larsson (A.K.A. Tord Maximillian/Cyrano Welhaven) was a Norwegian comic artist and YouTuber who was most known for his work on the Eddsworld animated series. He was also a friend of the creator, Edd Gould. Tord was originally the main artist behind the Eddsworld comics in 2004 but he became the voice for his persona when he got a microphone, Tord had left Eddsworld in 2008, requesting that Edd also remove Tord's persona from the series. Tord briefly returned in 2010 for the episode, WTFuture to say one line as his Eddsworld persona, it is believed that Edd was the one who contacted Tord and asked him to do this one line. During the early hours of March 25th, 2012, Edd Gould died from cancer, putting Eddsworld into a temporary hiatus and ending Tord's involvement with Eddsworld.

Video Contents

5 days after Edd's death, Tord uploaded an unprepared video. In this video, he first responded to Edd's death, paying his respects to him. Then, he explained why he had left Eddsworld, citing that he had been harassed and stalked by fans of the series, been impersonated on numerous social media platforms, and his wishes to build a persona independent from the series which had caused him to quit and go into hiding.


Later, Larsson deleted his YouTube account in an attempt at hiding again, making the video unavailable. Though the YouTube link has been archived on the Wayback Machine, [1] the video itself has been considered lost.


After the tribute video entitled; Your Eulogy was made. It was shown at Edd's funeral and then uploaded to the YouTube channel; DarkSquidge. A few months later Thomas Ridgewell (aka TomSka), the now former voice actor of Tom in Eddsworld, had uploaded a video discussing Eddsworld related topics. In this video, he mentioned Tord, stating that Tord leaving Eddsworld had opened a "Pandora's box" of crazed fans that relentlessly pestered him to the point that he went to the extent of not using his real name on the internet (hence his possible fake middle and last names). On the 26th August 2014, a possible fan of Tord asked if Matthew Hargreaves, one of the writers of Eddsworld, was still in contact with Tord. Matthew responded with "I would like to, but it's been a long time". The last time Tord had been mentioned in Eddsworld was through the credits for "The End" part 2. Around 18 minutes and 44 seconds into the YouTube video "Last Month I Cleaned The Poo Poo", a video can be seen playing in the background with a blurred person being seen, this image matches Tord meaning that Tom still has access to Tord's video but neglects to upload it, most likely for Tord's well being.


The only footage from the video known to survive is a short excerpt from Tomska's tribute video “Your Eulogy.” Tord is recorded toasting Edd before drinking a bottle of Coca-Cola.

On April 2nd, 2022, YouTube user loco_d1ego uploaded the entire audio for the video, though he does not possess any video content as stated in a comment.


Your Eulogy, which includes a clip from the video (2:06).

Full audio for the video.

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