Toxic Crusaders (lost build of cancelled Super Nintendo port of game based on animated TV series; 1992)

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Toxic Crusaders EGM October 1992.jpg

October 1992 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly review of the Super Nintendo port.

Status: Lost

Toxic Crusaders is a cancelled 1992 Super Nintendo game that was in development by Bandai along with NES and Game Boy versions based on the popular early 1990s Saturday-morning cartoon of the same name (inspired by the Troma Toxic Avenger movies).


In this game, the player would play as Toxie, the mutated leader of the superhero group Toxic Crusaders. He is facing off against his archenemy Dr. Killemoff and his two henchmen, Psycho and Bonehead, along other evil pollution-themed creatures. Other enemies would appear such as agressive dogs and birds. Toxie would travel all around Tromaville, going to a dump, the streets, the forest and the sewers. His main weapon is a super mop.


The game was shown at the 1992 Winter CES and was to originally come out in June 1992; however it was delayed until 1993 and then later pushed to early 1994.[1][2] Only the NES, Sega Genesis and Game Boy versions of the game were released and the SNES version was cancelled for unknown reasons.

As of June 23rd, 2016, only eight screenshots (two of them are actually from the released Sega Genesis game Ex-Mutants) are known to exist and no prototypes of the SNES version have resurfaced.

  • First magazine article translation:

    "Bandai, Nintendo's distributor in France, is also an editor. After a few unlucky non-hits (such as Ultraman), their production quality is getting better. Toxic Crusaders is based on the cartoon and makes the player, which means you, go save his girlfriend who has been captured by mutants. Simple but it works!"

  • Joypad article translation:

    BANDAI AMERICA: After the dreadful mess that was Ultraman on Super Famicom, Bandai had to redeem itself quite a bit. This is what this company is attempting to do with Toxic Crusader. A platform game that will truly knock your socks off, starring a completely braindead antihero. Armed with his axe and radioactive-waste looks, he will face rotten enemies who have one objective in mind: make him see his life flash in fast motion before his eyes. Animated with a high-quality muti directional scrolling, Toxic Crusader is a hilarious game."