Transformers: The Movie (partially found deleted scenes of animated film; 1986)

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Transformers the movie poster.jpg

The film's original theatrical poster.

Status: Partially Found

Transformers: The Movie, is an action/adventure film released in 1986, with production dating back to 1985, during the show's golden age with Season 2.

The film introduced a new cast of characters, while killing off or simply pushing away the previous cast. The film received a lot of criticism among critics for its nonsensical story and bland characters, but it received a cult-following among fans.

Deleted Scenes

Storyboard/Screenplay Scenes

  • Ultra Magnus deploying Autobots to fight Devastator, they manage to tear him apart, but when fleeing, Red Alert is killed during the shoot-out.
  • When Optimus faces Megatron, right after Megatron says "Why throw away your life so recklessly?", a Decepticon attempts to fight Prime off, only to have him crushed against the floor.
  • Ultra Magnus's original death scene, where the Sweeps tear him apart limb by limb; it is rumored to have been fully finished, only being cut from the final film due to negative test-screening reactions.[1]
  • Shockwave's death scene during Unicron's attack.

Trailer Scenes

  • Extra/extended shots of Unicron devouring the planet from the beginning of the film.
  • Shots of Ultra Magnus in his Diaclone color scheme, as well as shots of Hot Rod with his Autobot emblem in this top-chest piece, rather than in the chest, probably removed because for continuity's sake.
  • Extra Shots of the battle in the Autobot City.
  • Shots of the Autobot City in full-defense mode.
  • Alternate scene of Kup telling his old war-stories, with everyone gathered around.
  • Extra/Extended shots of Unicron transforming/attacking Cybertron.


Not much is known about these scenes, other than being hinted at in storyboards and early screenplays, but the proof that these deleted scenes may exist remain in the theatrical trailer, where it reveals quite a number of scenes that weren't in the final film.

On June 28th, 2017, a storyboard of one of the scenes was uploaded to YouTube by user Logos4everyoneinHD. On June 29th, 2017, the same user posted the theatrical trailer for the film.


The theatrical trailer for Transformers: The Movie.

A deleted storyboard scene.


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