Trickle Dickle Down (found Ralph Bakshi political short film; 2012)

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Coonskin poster.

Status: Found

Date found: 22 Sep 2018

Found by: Teddy Shows

Trickle Dickle Down was an animated short film by famous director Ralph Bakshi released for the 2012 American presidential election. From the little information available, the short is a re-dub of clips from Bakshi's 1975 feature film Coonskin with dialogue meant to critique 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney.[1] One scene supposedly features a character talking about Mitt Romney's economic plan as he rummages through garbage.[2]


Based on the publication dates of articles from the time, the short appears to have been released on Bakshi's official YouTube channel on September 14th, 2012.[3] The contemporary articles all embed a now dead YouTube video. Due to the once-easy availability of this short, many articles can be summarized as "Ralph Bakshi made a political short, check it out", resulting in little information available. It is not known when the video was taken down, but due to the high-profile nature of Bakshi, it is possible the short was mirrored by someone (though no mirrors can be found at this time).

On September 22nd, 2018, the full short was uploaded to YouTube by user Teddy Shows.


The full short.

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