Turkish Ben 10 Games (partially found Proje Calide's promotional games; late 2000s-early 2010s)

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Ben 10 Turkish Promotional picture.jpg

A Promotional picture for one of the Turkish Ben 10 games.

Status: Partially Found

The Turkish Ben 10 Games are a group of video games developed by Proje Calide (Project Calide), made to promote the animated series Ben 10 that was becoming popular in Turkey at the time.

The 2005 Ben 10 animated series premiered in Turkey around possibly the year 2009. Cartoon Network was officially launched in Turkey in 2008 and Ben 10 was aired about a year later. Its spin-off came around in the early 2010s, so the games likely came around in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Not much is known about the Proje Calide developers, who seem to have made a lot of promotional deals back in the day. Their website does mention a partnership with Cartoon Network, so it can be assured that the games in question are official. These games are nowhere to be found online anymore.

Game List

Ben 10 Game Set Found

The Ben 10 Game Set included four games for PC which were given away with the successful Turkish newspaper Sabah for 29 coupons. Not much is known about these games except for the footage seen in the commercial for them. Their titles are as follows:

# Game Title Status Link
1 Mandarx in Kurtuluşu/Mandarx's Survival Found Link
2 Mandarlar'ın İhaneti/Mandars' Betrayal Found Link
3 Kayıp Gezegen/Lost Planet Found Link
4 Nebula Takibi/Nebula Chase Found Link

Note that Mandarx or Mandars don't exist in any other Ben 10 media. They were likely created by Calide for those games.

In August 2017, all 4 games were found in a Turkish Letgo sale.

Ben 10: Meteor Saldırısı Lost

Ben 10: Meteor Saldırısı (or Ben 10: Meteor Attack) is an Augmented Reality game for the PC. Judging from the how-to-play videos and commercials, it was played with the webcam and required the player to hold a card to the camera to move Ben in the game. Cards were given along with various Nesquik products.

Unknown KFC Promotion Ben 10: Alien Force Games Lost

Not much is known about these three games as they were playable from a KFC promotion with Proje Calide. According to the commercial, after ordering the menus seen in the commercial, you were given a code for one of the three Ben 10: Alien Force games (The website is inaccessible). What these games are called are not mentioned nor has any gameplay been seen in the games.

Ben 10 Büyük Çapırşma: Istanbul Lost

Ben 10 Büyük Çarpışma: İstanbul (or Ben 10 Big Clash: İstanbul) was possibly their last project. It was a game for PC about Ben finding himself in İstanbul and having to fight off the aliens there. Nothing of the plot is known. From what is seen in the promotional footage and images, the playable characters include Ultimate Echo Echo[1], Ultimate Swampfire[2], Ultimate Humungousaur[3], Rath[4], and a fusion of the latter two called Rathgosour[5]. The game used to be available on Cartoon Network Turkey's website and required an activation code, which would come with the purchase of some Ben 10 toys[4]. The game included an online score ranking, integrated with the account system of the Turkish Cartoon Network website[6].


Ben 10 Game Set commercial.

Ben 10 Meteor Saldırısı how to play video.

Ben 10 Meteor Saldırsı commercial.

KFC Ben 10 promotion commercial.

Ben 10 Büyük Çarpışma: İstanbul trailer.

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