Turma Da Mônica: a Festa Assombrada (lost Cartoon Network Brazil website rhythm platformer; 2016-2018)

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The game's title screen.

Status: Lost

A Festa Assombrada was a platform rhythm game of Monica's Gang made in unity engine and published by Cartoon Network in 2016 exclusively for Brazil via event.

The game was about Monica and her friends going to the wrong party, soon after they got lost discovering that the house was haunted and thus starting the whole game.[1]


The gameplay was based on maps made in a procedural way, and with the player having to click the keys according to the bpm of the music to be able to move, getting harder and faster as the levels and combos go by, reminding the games like One Finger Death Punch and dance of fire and water, the main objective was to rescue all the characters of the cartoon, avoiding being noticed by enemies and taking the keys to reach the exit, thus getting the highest number of points and new initial characters, it also had a mini map to help with the trip, it had 3 difficulties including the easy, the medium and the hard one, with the hard one being faster and having more hits to click, at the end it shows the people were rescued and the scoreboards (obviously with the nicknames of characters), the game contained a total of 3 stages.


The game was available until 2018, as after an update on the Cartoon Network Brazil website, a lot of old and event games were lost, mainly all the Brazilian games on the site, including the haunted party in which if the person were to try to open the game link after that year, they ended up receiving the message of page was non-existent.


The soundtrack was responsible for a company called red noise music that also made music for other games such as the original soundtrack for "steve magal: punhos da verdade brutal", the soundtrack and sound effects were posted on both soundcloud and YouTube.[2]


A walkthrough of the game.

A compilation of sfx made by the music company to promoting.

One of the songs posted on YouTube.

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