Twinkle the Dream Being (found American-South Korean animated TV series; 1992-1993)

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Twinkle Op.png

Twinkle as he appears in the opening.

Status: Found

Date found: 12 Feb 2022

Found by: zpc7

Twinkle the Dream Being (꿈돌이 in Korean) is an American-South-Korean animated series produced by Zodiac Entertainment, Sei Young Anitel and Calico Entertainment.

The series stars an alien genie named Twinkle and his companions Nova and Wishball as they go out granting wishes for another planet called the Land of Possibility. However, villainous witch Miss Diva and her two henchmen who always try to start trouble by trying to take the planet over, only for Twinkle to stop them.[1]


The series was never released on home video as Zodiac Entertainment went defunct in 1994 and Sei Young merged with Dong Woo Animation. It is unknown if Calico or MBC TV owns the series.

The series is quite hard to find in English.[2]

Some footage resurfaced when a user named BELOVED CARTOONS uploaded the theme song in English.[3]

11 episodes in Arabic were uploaded on YouTube by the user Leon Kennedy.

A partial English clip of the episode Aquatic Adventures was uploaded by OffTheTelly, while a very low-quality clip of episode Park Pranksters was uploaded by TheRareOtaku.

Jung Hyeop Cha uploaded the episode Calamity Carnival in Korean.

On February 12th, 2022, all 26 episodes in English were uploaded by YouTuber zpc7.

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Park Pranksters Dec 5th, 1992 Found
2 School is Cool Dec 12th, 1992 Found
3 Shopping Mall Shenanigans Dec 19th, 1992 Found
4 Calamity Carnival Dec 26th, 1992 Found
5 Home Sweet Home Jan 2nd, 1993 Found
6 Wayout Campout Jan 9th, 1993 Found
7 Farm Festival Fun Jan 16th, 1993 Found
8 Fun Park Fiasco Feb 13th, 1993 Found
9 Mountain Madness Feb 20th, 1993 Found
10 One Wish Two Wish Feb 27th, 1993 Found
11 Dream Being Birthday Feb 13th, 1993 Found
12 All-Star Expo Feb 20h, 1993 Found
13 Once Upon an Urg Feb 27th, 1993 Found
14 Castle Capers Mar 6th, 1993 Found
15 Cosmic Ecology Mar 13th, 1993 Found
16 Pollution Solution Mar 20th, 1993 Found
17 Aquatic Adventures Mar 27th, 1993 Found
18 The Menace Apprentice Apr 3rd, 1993 Found
19 Book Bash Apr 10th, 1993 Found
20 Culture Shock Apr 17th, 1993 Found
21 Better Together Apr 24th, 1993 Found
22 Energy Escapades May 1st, 1993 Found
23 Whale Wishing May 8th, 1993 Found
24 Pets are Pals May 15th, 1993 Found
25 Be Safe Not Sorry May 22nd, 1993 Found
26 Rainforest Romp Jun 25th, 1993 Found



A fragment of an episode uploaded by CharGar.

A video of a YouTuber talking about the series.

A compilation of episodes in Arabic.

A English fragment of the episode Aquatic Adventures.

The episode full of Calamity Carnival from the Korean dub.