Uncle Max "Series 2" (partially found episodes of British children's TV show; 2008)

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A promo pic for the show.

Status: Partially Found

Uncle Max is a British live-action-comedy series created and starring actor David Schneider as the titular bumbling uncle. Produced by Little Bird Pictures, the show is a silent comedy similar to Mr. Bean, with the premise of Max meeting his nephew Luke and turning an ordinary day out into an exciting adventure.[1] The show originally aired on CITV in 2006, the show received a second series airing in 2008 and effectively switched channel networks to CBBC. Both series also aired on Nickelodeon in India, under the name The Adventures of Uncle Max[2].

The creator revealed that it was inspired by Laurel and Hardy and cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo, and Wacky Races. He also named a character after his uncle Max Ward, who lives in Hackney, London.[3]

The second series for Uncle Max follows the same formula as Series 1, only for actor Jonathan Hanly to take over the role of Luke, and the filming locations now take place in Ireland instead of South Africa.[4]


While the first series is available on DVD in PAL regions across two volumes, its second series did not see a release and remained a piece of lost media. According to BBC Genome, the last time a Series 2 episode was aired was on July 6th, 2009, with the episode "Uncle Max in the Wild West"[5]

Its screener trailer, as well as its Nick India promo, exists online, each containing a selection of clips from Series 2. In addition, a low-quality screen recording of "Uncle Max Plays the Piano" also made its way onto YouTube.

Series 2 Episode List

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 "Uncle Max Plays Tennis" 11 July 2008 Lost
2 "Uncle Max Goes to the Opera" 18 July 2008 Lost
3 "Uncle Max Goes to the Museum" 25 July 2008 Lost
4 "Uncle Max and the Wrestler" 1 Aug 2008 Lost
5 "Uncle Max Goes to a Wedding" 8 Aug 2008 Lost
6 "Uncle Max Builds a Shed" 15 Aug 2008 Lost
7 "Uncle Max and the Broken Vase" 22 Aug 2008 Lost
8 "Uncle Max Bakes a Cake" 29 Aug 2008 Lost
9 "Uncle Max at the Supermarket" 5 Sept 2008 Lost
10 "Uncle Max at Sports Day" 12 Sept 2008 Lost
11 "Uncle Max Goes Swimming" 19 Sept 2008 Lost
12 "Uncle Max Plays the Piano" 26 Sept 2008 Found
13 "Uncle Max in the Wild West" 3 Oct 2008 Lost


A screener trailer for Series 2 of Uncle Max.

Nick India promo for the show, containing a few Series 2 clips.

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