Until Dawn (lost early PlayStation 3 build of PlayStation 4 horror game; 2008-2011)

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Official game logo from 2008.

Status: Lost

Before being developed by Supermassive Games between 2011 and 2015, Until Dawn's concept was made on PlayStation 3, using the PlayStation Move controllers, by Sony's London Studio back in 2008, until late March 2011. The project was canceled and handed over to Supermassive Games since the PS Move wasn't as successful as expected, making the game's production over the initial budget.[1]

This version of the game was made on a heavily modified version of the Singstar Engine.

Version History

The only known build from this version of the game contains an incomplete working episode. It was first showcased by PtopOnline on his YouTube channel, on December 16, 2016. This particular part of the game acts as the 4th episode, while it isn't fully complete as some parts of the episode are missing. Another build is supposed to be finished to the same level of quality, acting as the 1st episode, taking place right after the prologue episode.

Before its cancellation, all episodes of the game were at least made up to a semi-detailed grey box level, meaning that all the main landscapes and buildings have been modeled and implemented in the game engine.


This version of the game was composed of one prologue episode, eight-story episodes, and one epilogue episode. The story would be lived through two main characters; Scott Monroe and Chrissie Clark, part of an eleven friends group trying to escape from a masked killer chasing them down all one by one.

The player would be equipped with a flashlight to explore the environment, search for clues, and solve puzzles to progress. One time in each story episode (from 1 to 8) would be given the player a chance to save a friend from the group from being killed, trying to have the most people survive the night, influencing the ending of the game.

The game uses a lot of the PS Move capabilities, from moving the flashlight to crawling under rocks, breaking doors with an axe, inspecting clues, and more.




Cutscene from a never-found working build via UD Preservation.

1-second gameplay (1) from a never-found working build via UD Preservation (at 0:02).

1-second gameplay (2) from a never-found working build via UD Preservation (at 5:00).

Incomplete walkthrough of Episode 4 via Borman18 from PtopOnline.

Incomplete walkthrough of Episode 4 via Jakeeenator from Obscure Gamers.


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