Untitled Choice Album (partially found unreleased debut album for American R&B group; 1995-1998)

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Choice members (from left to right): Chrissy Conway, Sharon Flanagan & Alecia Moore.

Status: Partially Found

Choice was an American R&B girl group that consisted of Chrissy Conway, Sharon Flanagan & Alecia Moore (who later found success as P!nk) and was founded in 1995 and disbanded in 1998.[1]

They flew to Atlanta to record an album that was eventually shelved. The only songs to be released in full are Key to My Heart (which appeared on the soundtrack for the 1996 film Kazaam), Living in My World, Leaving for the Last Time and Love is Such a Crazy Thing (The song was featured on The Platinum Family - Black Music Month Sampler Summer '98 that was released on LaFace records).[2]

There are also snippets from the songs Just to be Loving You, My Love is Gone, and I Know I Never. The rest of the songs remain unreleased in their full state.


According to Joseph Priolo, one of the people who worked on Choice's debut album, says that he is planning to release some of the songs and that there is "at least 20 songs"
Key to My Heart.
Living in My World.
Leaving for the Last Time.
A snippet of Just to be Loving You (ending at 0:17).
A snippet of My Love is Gone (starting at 0:17).
A snippet of I Know I Never.

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