Untitled Stranger Things Game (lost Telltale video game based on Netflix series; 2018)

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Stranger Things Logo.png

The logo for the show.

Status: Lost

Stranger Things is a sci-fi horror TV series created by Netflix which started in late 2016 and is still being produced into the present day. Because of the show's popularity, Telltale Games (who were known for creating episodic adventure games) was planning to create a video game based on the show which was announced in June of 2018.[1]


While the full game's plot is unknown, judging by the footage of the leaks, it would have been partially set during Will Byres' birthday and since Dr Sam Owens is mentioned, a character who does not appear and is not mentioned until season 2 of the show, at least part of the game would have been set on the date of March 22nd, 1984. (between seasons 1 and 2) Will was also transported to The Upside Down in one section of the game which was also a major part of season 2.


The game would have played similarly to most of the previous Telltale titles where the player has various choices on what to say and whichever is chosen will impact later events in the story along with obtaining items which may be helpful.


The was cancelled in September of 2018 after Telltale laid off most of their employees and later filed for bankruptcy[2] and while Skybound games took over development of The Walking Dead: The Final Season and LCG Games (now known as the new Telltale Games) took over The Wolf Among Us Season 2, the Stranger Things game has unfortunately remained cancelled. The soundtrack for the game has been revealed to have been created by Antimo & Welles who released the entire soundtrack on their YouTube channel on October 27, 2020.


While the build of the game has not been released, a Reddit user known as RandomGuyOnReddit has leaked some footage of the game along with a few pieces of concept art.[3]


A video containing all of the currently found clips of the game.
The soundtrack for the game.