Uranoid/Uranoid II (lost limited release Famicom game; 1988)

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Uranoid Flyer.jpeg

A flyer for the game.

Status: Lost

In 1988, the sequel to Taito's arcade hit, Arkanoid, was released on Famicom. The game stars a paddle that represents a ship trying to bounce a ball at bricks. It was a clone of Atari's popular breakout, but the thing that set Arkanoid apart was it's various powerups, leading to great sales on Famicom, and a lot of plays in arcades.

Arkanoid II

Arkanoid 2 for Famicom also included a level editor, and according to the Japanese blog Beraboman,[1] which details various sweepstakes Famicom prize games, 300 sweepstakes carts called either Uranoid or Uranoid II, which contained fan levels by 33 different people, were released to lottery sweepstakes winners, 33 of them being given to the 33 level creators respectively. Very little information exists about Uranoid. No screenshots or ROM images have been uploaded to the internet, and nobody has been proven to currently own one of the 300 carts. The only evidence that exists is a contest flyer released by Taito referencing the competition, though according to the Japanese Wikipedia page Famicomall,[2] there is possible "unconfirmed information" that the campaign was held but the cart was never released. The website does not talk about the source of this information.


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