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Welcome to my userpage. You'll probably notice there isn't much content here, but that's because I like to keep things to the point when talking about myself in public domains.

My name's Aiden, and I came across this place oddly by looking for information regarding Kekcroc. Of course, I'm aware that entire thing was fabricated now, but until I found an image file stated to be the first image of the game posted online named "lostmedia.jpg", I was left with a "what if" train of thought regarding that search.

Since then, I have become an active member since late November of 2017. I've developed a passion for lost media, especially the more obscure and unknown stuff that wouldn't necessarily warrant an article on the site due to its irrelevancy. Two examples of such that I have uploaded to date would be my uploading of a vinyl for a band by the name of "The King's Ambassadors Quartet" from Canada, as well as an old one hour television special about Baby Animals produced by Ralph C. Ellis, a well known individual among Canadian cinematographers.

Aside from working on articles and other such things for the wiki, I also work on independent projects, again regarding the more obscure and "irrelevant" media. That being said, I'm typically working on something for the wiki with the majority of my time.

If you feel like getting in touch, feel free to message my account in the forums under the same name, or message "Bisou5#9404" on Discord. I'd be more than happy to chat.