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Hello. I'm Mantis and I'm a pretty big Outlaw Star fan. I'm interested in locating any kind of Outlaw Star media, so obviously the Toonami edit was a big one. I was really glad to find the recordings a few months back. I own an Outlaw Star forum called Outlaw Star Nexus. Most of the time we just hang out there but we also work on various projects like translating the manga to English which is close to complete. You can also visit my YouTube channel here.

Although the Toonami uploads shouldn't encourage anybody to not buy the box sets (how could they at crappy VHS quality?) and that they're made available for their novelty value, I'm still a big supporter of Outlaw Star's creators, so I highly recommended that you buy a DVD or Blu-ray set from Amazon or elsewhere. Thanks!
--Mantis (talk) 04:49, 25 October 2019 (UTC)