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Hi everyone, I'm Rivette! I've been a staff member here on the Lost Media Wiki for a while now, so feel free to contact me if you have any questions, need help with making articles, or just want to chat!

I started to get into lost media after reading some of the articles on here several years ago, and I became a regular member in early 2016. The lost media I'd most like to see unearthed is Werner Herzog's "Game in the Sand" since Jean-Luc Godard's "Une femme coquette" was found recently (which is totally crazy by the way!!).

I'm currently working on increasing the quality of the pages on this wiki. I've completed several edit-athons so far, including a complete revision of the "Lost film" section of the wiki and adding an article for every requested item in the film section of the Article Requests page in 2016. While in the future I'm hoping to write articles for many more of the requests everyone's placed, I'm mainly focusing on fixing up the Needing Work pages first. If you have a few minutes one day, try to edit a few of them to help me out, because there's plenty to go 'round.

Thanks everyone, and have fun.