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Toonys says stuff
Other information
MoviesAlice In Wonderland, A Hard Days Night, Oliver and The Gang.
TVBeatles (60s Cartoon), Pokemon, Steven Universe, Disney Shorts
Music8 Bits Music, The Beatles Songs (to 1963-1966 are my favourite) Videogames Music, SnailHouse, Vocaloid.
Books??????????, Alice in Wonderland, A Beatle book i read a few months ago
Video gamesAnimal Crossing, Pokemon, Kirby, Touhou
SnacksPizza, Donuts, Tarts, Hot Dog, Chicken with Mustard.
DrinksFanta, Chocolate Milk, Water, Banana Milkshake, Does soup count as Drink?.
Personal information
Real nameAbandoned DisneyRide
BirthdayNovember 10th
Places I have livedThe Palace
About meA L O N E in palace
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