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Ziggy... maybe?

Status: Partially Lost

Ziggy Cashmere (previously known as Ziggy Stardust) is a college student produced in Dallas, Texas that has far too much time and uses it to research and tinker with small, somewhat forgettable things. Cashmere is the author of The Lost Media and Research Handbook as well as Drawing For Nothing. They have been interviewed by The Daily Beast, Cartoon Brew, and The Library of Congress. They have been part of the LMW since 2018.

Significant Articles

Title So what
Nightmare on My Street First article, wrote under the username "78RPM." Video was found a few months afterwards by another person.
CommuniCore Meh... not my best.
Jammin' (arcade game) Also not my best.
Rock Odyssey Perhaps my most prolific? A friend of mine found a good copy of this fairly recently.
Kidd Video This is a fun one. Been wanting to restore it with another friend.
Pegeen I don't remember why I wrote this.
Buckaroo Banzai Soundtrack Had a short project in trying to restore this soundtrack myself. Didn't get very far.
Cool World Screenplay Nothing really to note here, just thought it was cool and deserved an article.
Oil and Vinegar Just a John Hughes movie I'd like to read.
Total Distortion Strategy Guide Just a strategy guide for a videogame.
Surf and Destroy A canceled PC game from the early 90s. I came close to finding this however the developer ghosted me after saying he might have a copy.
Glago's Guest An unreleased short film by Walt Disney Animation. I bought a copy of it and uploaded it to the Internet Archive.
Hershey's Really Big! 3D Show A 3D short film presented at Hershey's Chocolate World. I was sent a copy by a crew member and released it online.
HumanForms A collection of anatomical drawings for the Macintosh. Was sent a copy of it by the creator a day after writing the article.
Strawberry Fields Didn't write this but I was sent the half hour reel of animation for it and shared it online. Need to revise the article with new information.
Foodfight! Spent a year researching the production of this film and unearthed an abundance of material such as a complete workprint, concept art, and even animation assets.
Good Trick Discovered this short film randomly while researching the director. Currently searching for it.

Cashmere has also contributed various projects such as restoration of the soundtrack to Rock & Rule, as well as currently working on a documentary about the animated film Foodfight!

Cashmere's website is and can be reached at, by being messaged on the LMW forum, or being sent a friend request on Discord @ziggycashmere.