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Hey, this page is intended to discuss with me about any edits I make to this wiki. Please be civil with me or I won't respond to you at all. I have some rules before you send me any message here:

1. Please don't send me any spam messages; I do not appreciate them and will be instantly removed on the moment I see them.

2. Don't send me messages that you are not happy with a specific comment I made on an article here; this is not what my talk page is intended for.

3. Don't send me libelous or hateful messages that accuse me of something I didn't do (such as accusing me of being communist because of something I said); I have a right to remove them for contributing nothing useful besides bashing me and I have a right to report the user to the admins.

4. Don't repeatedly send the same message to me over and over again; I can understand if this was due to a glitch with the user's computer (usually, it's simple to just delete the duplicated messages) but if the user is doing this on purpose, the less likely I'll respond back to them.

That's my rules on my talk page for now. Until then, have a happy time editing. Happy Brian (talk, contribs) 20:36, 19 November 2017 (UTC)

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