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Hello SADLAD84,

I'm sorry for adding the references when they should have been external links.

I could not find any concrete sites talking about Blue Prints, and it would be pointless if I put the YouTube videos of the 10 Years of Blue Documentary, as they are already embedded into the page.

I made a mistake on my part, I'm a new user on the wiki and I possibly misread the rules page.


Please Listen

"Additionally, if more than 50 percent of something is found (i.e. 2/3) then it is partially lost." Actually, there are other articles in this website that are more than 50% found, but are labled partly found. If it's less than 50%, than it's listed as partly lost. -Angelgreat

Thank you so much...

For your lovely note! Really appreciated. It's a pleasure collaborating with you as well. :)