Verzaubert (found documentary on LGBTQ+ Holocaust survivors; 1993)

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The film poster for Verzaubert

Status: Found

Date found: 20 Feb 2023

Found by: Night Anticipation

Verzaubert (aka Enchanted in English) was a lost 1993 documentary from Trigon Film, telling the stories of gay and lesbian survivors of Nazism and the Holocaust. The film is known to have a runtime of 88 minutes and was a project put together by nine different German directors including Jörg Fockele, Jens Golombek, and Dirk Hauska.[1]


A German film site describes that the survivors "tell of their first secret romances, subpoenas by the moral police and the Gestapo, camouflage, pink corners, persecution and annihilation, subculture and their everyday life."[2] The site goes on to describe specific sequences from the film, "For example, Edith, who ran a coffee and jam business for 38 years with her friend. Or Rudolf, who had his happiest time when he was allowed to play female roles at the front theater in the Second World War. The interviews do not attempt to replicate a previously "forgotten" chapter of historiography, but rather let gays and lesbians speak for themselves with their very different life experiences and stories." (Both quotations translated from German)


There's not much information on the internet about the film and only a few images can be seen.

On February 20th, 2023, YouTube user Night Anticipation uploaded the full documentary on YouTube, available to be watched in full. The film was then archived on various archival and video-sharing sites since then.

Still Images


The full film (Archived by Old Media Archiver)


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