Vib-Ripple (lost build of promotional mobile port of action puzzle game; 2004)

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A screenshot of the game

Status: Lost

Vib-Ripple is an action puzzle game created by NanaOn-Sha for the PlayStation 2 in 2004. It’s also the sequel to the 1999 PlayStation rhythm game, Vib-Ribbon. Vib-Ripple became very notable by being allowed to import photographs by players for the game’s release playing field. Though, before it’s released, a mobile port was released as part of a promotional campaign for the game.


On May 20, 2004, a mobile port for the game was released as part of a promotional campaign handled by Dwango Corporation.[1] The game was made in flash and used unpixilated, crude versions of the Peta characters. The character, Vibri was black instead of being white with an opposed white glow. The game was a photo trampoline action which made you enjoy things such as jumping on the photo and getting the peta character hidden under the photo, decorating and playing with the photo taken with a digital camera or mobile phone with the peta character.[2] It’s unknown if there are any enemies but believed to have a time limit.


No footage or downloads of the game exist as it was only released on one website with low popularity to flash on mobile at the time. It’s unlikely that the game will ever resurface.


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