VooDoo Magic (lost online game; 2004-2007)

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The game's cover/promotional art.

Status: Lost

VooDoo Magic was an online strategic multiplayer game pitching up to four players against each other in a battle of tactics and black magic. The game was available for play on the website WePlayHere originally owned by UK-based video games TV production company Gamer.tv Ltd. starting back in 2004.[1]


VooDoo Magic was one game among many available on the website throughout its three-year tenure, but besides titles like Dinky Bomb and Oddballs Bowling, this game was not documented nearly as much. In early 2005, Gregg Baker, a longtime fan & community moderator of the website GamerParty Ltd. was looking into negotiations to acquire the WePlayHere website, eventually acquiring it soon after. VooDoo Magic was one of the many games transferred to GamerParty Ltd. servers after they acquired the website.[2] Gameplay was strategic and unique to online multiplayer games at the time of its lifespan. The gameplay through the website's archived screenshots is described as "Take it in turns to maneuver your malicious little witch doctors around a grid-based map, carrying out nefarious magical deeds as you do. Raise the undead as skeletons or summon hugely powerful demons to help send your opponents to their graves; sear their skins with fireballs, fry their bones with electrical storms and puncture their snivelling organs with your heinous Voodoo doll. It's an orgy of evil!"[3] More info on the gameplay is limited, as looking for a more detailed guide to playing Voodoo Magic, you'd need to click the Help button in the game itself for a much more detailed explanation of the game's features and functions.


The limited pieces of the game's existence include the game's cover/promotional art, some Wayback Machine archives, which include plenty of screenshots of the game's launch screen & the WePlayHere website throughout its life (2004-2007)[4] before being purchased by Atari and ultimately shut down altogether - this left loyal players at the time heartbroken, and individuals looking for the game now are still bothered by the Atari acquisition.[5] Besides the cover/promotional art, there are currently no known screenshots or video captures of the gameplay, unlike another popular game from the same website, Dinky Bomb that has many more gameplay videos and screenshots floating around. [6]