Walt's Wisdom (partially found "Breaking Bad" interactive Flash game; 2008)

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Walt’s Wisdom.webp

A screenshot from the Flash game

Status: Partially Found

Walt’s Wisdom was a 2008 interactive Flash game made to promote season 1 of “Breaking Bad”. It would get a sequel a year later named Walt’s Warning. It was a simple two minute video where the player calls Walter White at an inconvenient time.[1][2]


The video starts at the climax of the Pilot, where he desperately stuffs money in a bag as emergency service closes in on the RV when the viewer calls him. Walt will then frantically give the player some life advice with the player’s name, state, and friends that they put in, stating:[2][1]

"Ah, geez, *the viewer's name*! You have really bad timing, you know that?! Look, you don't know me, but my name is Walter White and you might be the last person I ever speak to! You see, someone you know sent me this," he holds up an email of the viewer's friend complaining about how unapplied they are."They tell me you're a time-waster, that you're not living life to its fullest out there in uh, in *the viewer's state*. That you waste too much time sitting by this computer. Well I let life pass me by too, fifty years before I could truly say 'I am awake!' Look, you're *the viewer's age*, you still have time to change! So whatever you can do, or want to do, or dream that you can do, start doing it right away because there is nothing more dangerous in life than not living. And don't be like me, be yourself. Good luck."

Walt will then cross off the player’s name off of a list of “time-wasters”.[2]


In December of 2020, Adobe discontinued Flash, taking down a lot of flash games, including Walt’s Wisdom. A video from the game exists, though the full game still hasn’t been found.



Footage from the Flash game


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