Wayside School (lost ABC television special based on Louis Sachar children novel series; mid-1980s)

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Sideway Stories from Wayside School.webp

A copy of Sideways Stories from Wayside School advertising the special.

Status: Lost

Wayside School is a series of short story cycle children's books written by Louis Sachar. The books became very popular, and spawned two spinoffs, a movie, and an animated series called Wayside. Though, 30 years before the series, a live-action special aired on ABC called Wayside School.


Wayside School is a television special based on Sideways Stories from Wayside School. It was produced by Broadcast Arts (likely in the mid-1980s) and was written by Pam Norris. Although little remains from this special, small evidence came out that proves its existence. In the Unsold Television Pilots book, it discusses that the special reportedly uses a mix of live-action and puppetry and told the story of a new kid named Andy, played by P.J. Ochlon. It was also reported that the special was 30 minutes long.

An eBay listing of Sideways Stories from Wayside School was found that references a TV special that aired on ABC. Based on the time frame, it is likely believed that this isn’t talking about Wayside: The Movie


  • Andy played by P.J. Ochlon
  • Miss Mangles played by Bobo Lewis
  • Miss Butterfield played by J. Smith-Cameron
  • A mysterious custodian played by Conrad McLaren
  • Bill Smith played by Orson Bean


On February 8th, 2020, J. Smith-Cameron discusses the special and recalls a scene where Orson Bean playing a businessman stuck in Miss Butterfield's class. She also subsequently posted pictures from the special[1]. Out of those pictures, no footage of the special has been posted online.




All Things Lost's video on the subject (starts at 4:40 - 5:36)

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