Web Junk 20 (partially found Television Web countdown series; 2006)

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Web Junk 20's opening logo.

Status: Partially Found

Web Junk 20 was a mildly successful television series that ran for the majority of 2006 on VH1. The series was a collaboration between VH1 and iFilm, as indicated by the opening of each episode calling the series VH1 and iFilm's Web Junk 20. When iFilm was acquired by Viacom, it was combined with MTV Networks to produce the show as a method of advertisement for iFilm's potential as a rival to the then-growing YouTube. The show was originally hosted by Patrice O'Neal, who resigned at the end of its second cycle. He was replaced by Jim Breuer for the third cycle, and then by Aries Spears for the last one-off special Junk 40: Best of the New Crap.

The series is commonly referred to as a precursor to the now popular and long-running series Tosh.0. However, unlike Tosh.0, the series followed a countdown format and rarely deviated from the said format. The basic premise remains the same, though: covering popular video clips found on the internet with commentary from the host. However, the use of these internet clips may be what will keep the series from ever seeing life again as home media releases would require permissions from all involved in producing said clips.


Currently, only a few clips of the show remain online: an hour-long YouTube upload of various segments of the show, another short clip of Patrice O'Neal working on the show behinds the scenes, and several single-clip segments on MTV.com. Not a single full episode has yet to surface.


An hour-long collection of various Web Junk 20 segments.

Patrice O'Neal behind the scenes of the series.

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