Webbnation (partially found deleted videos of internet podcast series; 2013)

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Webbnation logo

Status: Partially Found

Webbnation was an internet podcast series created by Chadtronic and Evan Pischel. It is NOT to be confused for the unrelated political campaign WebbNation. The videos mainly focused on topics relating to internet posts, and they likely also featured discussions about video game news, akin to previous projects pertaining to Chad and Evan. The Webbnation YouTube channel description reads as follows:

A video podcast where Chadtronic and Evan Pischel discuss anything and everything posted on the internet. We apologize in advance.

Information about Webbnation is scarce. There are only three videos known to exist. It is possible more videos were uploaded but then removed before February 28, 2014 (the earliest instance of Webbnation videos found on the Wayback Machine). Only two screenshots of the intro of the videos, and the first video's thumbnail, are available. The image depicting Chadtronic in a referee outfit is a reference to the Video Game Ref, a YouTube series created by Chad that was ongoing in 2013. Chad is also seen wearing a Video Game Ref shirt in Webbnation's YouTube channel banner. The series was likely filmed in Chadtronic's house, as the banner image seems to have been photographed there.

By October 6, 2015, all of the videos on the YouTube channel were removed.[1] It is unknown whether they were unlisted or privated. The YouTube channel is currently completely stripped of all videos and information (except for the channel creation date, August 5, 2013), and the banner has been changed to an image of some mountains. Even the profile picture has been removed from the channel. The videos have not been deleted, but they are inaccessible because they are private.


Very little is known about the statistics of the videos. It is possible that all three known videos had the same thumbnail image, but slightly modified to feature a different episode number in the bottom-right corner.

Title Upload Date Video ID Status and Remarks Thumbnails
Video 1 Aug 25, 2013 or before [2] TTzx4BBT_8k


Duration: Unknown




Video 2 Unknown Hdc855TfLzQ


Duration: Unknown

No thumbnail.jpg

Thumbnail is lost.

Video 3 Unknown CQKgQ8XTR7o


Duration: Unknown

No thumbnail.jpg

Thumbnail is lost.


Image Description Links
Channels4 banner.png This is Webbnation's YouTube channel banner. It depicts Chadtronic and Evan Pischel in what looks to be Chad's house. Chad is seen wearing a Video Game Ref shirt. Image


T5ORH60O29iNsBSF.png Older profile image for the Webbnation channel. This image was originally thought to have been a cropped image of the first Webbnation video's thumbnail.


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