Ween (partially found demo songs/tapes from experimental rock band; 1985-2007)

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A collection of tapes from Ween.

Status: Partially Found

Ween is an American experimental rock band formed in New Hope, Pennsylvania, in 1985, infamously known for making "Loop de Loop" and "Ocean Man". They have gained a large cult following and critical praise for their genre-hopping music, "brown" sound (drawing on psychedelic music), and crude sense of humor, among other aspects. They released 9 studio albums and 2 compilations before disbanding in 2012, eventually reforming in 2016.

Since their formation, they have recorded numerous demo tapes and songs alongside their official releases. While most of their extensive demo-and-outtake discography is widely available and shared on platforms such as YouTube and, formerly, Browntracker (a site dedicated to sharing live shows and demos from the band), there are some songs and even entire tapes that have yet to resurface. Some songs were known to be played on Weenradio, and others shared on file-sharing site WeenFTP.[1] Unfortunately, certain Weenradio broadcasts aren't known to have been recorded and WeenFTP has long since been rendered inoperative. Further complicating matters is the lack of information for a majority of the tapes.

Known Tapes[2][edit | edit source]

Tape Recorded Status
Ween WAD 1985 Partially Lost[3]
Mrs. Slack 1985? Partially Found
We Broke Up 1987 Lost
Ween/Smersh 1987 Lost
Focus 1989? Partially Found
Eindhoven EP 1990 Possibly Found
The Timmy Wasserman tape (AKA The Big Timmy Wasserman tape) 1991 Found
Bilboa 1991 Found
Caprice Classic 1991 Lost
Springstuff 1991 Lost
Eravis 1991 Found
The Freedom Tape 1992 Partially Lost
Chocolate and Cheese Taster Demos Summer '92 c. 1991-1992 Found
Créme de Menthe 1993 Lost
Music for Drunk Irish Homos 1995 Lost
Pandy Fackler tape 1997 Found
The Long Beach Island tape 2000 Found
White Pepper demos c. 2000 Found
Caesar demos c. 2001-2003 Found
La Cucaracha demos c. 2005-2007 Partially Lost
Various pre-1990 tapes (Kim Tulio, John Ward, Chris Hoecke (AKA The Polish Lightbulb Joke), Mike Banks) mid-to-late 1980s Partially Found
Jug is Quaid 1990s? Partially Found
Various The Pod demo tapes (Pork Roll Egg and Cheese, The Stallion, Weed Whore) Early 1990s Lost

Notable Lost/Unresurfaced Songs[edit | edit source]

Name Tape/Sessions Status
Kevin the Honky Music for Drunk Irish Homos Lost
Gotta Burn on My Leg Pure Guava Sessions Found
I Got It Pure Guava sessions Lost
Boston Chicken 12 Golden Country Greats sessions Lost[4]
Louise White Pepper sessions Lost
Streetfight Freedom tape Lost
Israel unknown Existence Unconfirmed (rerecorded for the Shinola, Vol. 1 compilation of rerecorded versions of demos)

Unfinished 10th Album[edit | edit source]

In a 2010 interview with The National Post, guitarist Dean Ween shared that Ween were due in the studio for a 10th studio album.[5] It is unknown what became of the sessions, or if any work was done on it, as Ween would announce their breakup 2 years later.

Status[edit | edit source]

Ween WAD is by far the most complete of the known lost tapes, and even then is still missing two songs, White Haai and Love Excerpt, with the rest (save for Big Baboons) appearing on the live album The Live Brain Wedgie. The Freedom tape is partially accounted for, but missing several songs including alternate versions of What Deaner Was Talking About, Don't Shit Where You Eat, and Fluffy and the song Streetfight.[6] The only song to resurface (and, by extension, the only known song) from Jug is Quaid is Albino Sunburned Girl, though the version of Cover It With Gas and Set it on Fire on the Big Timmy Wasserman tape is said to have originated on Jug is Quaid. The Eindhoven EP is sometimes rumored to be a live show Dean Ween shared in 2018.[7]

Certain .shn files were recovered from a WeenFTP archive by a Discord server dedicated to lost Ween media, but they turned out to be live performances that were already widely shared. The Mrs. Slack, Chris Hoecke, Kim Tulio, Mike Banks, and John Ward tapes were compiled for Prime 5, a 1988 compilation that resurfaced in 2017.

An eBay listing for Ween WAD was found in 2021, apparently in the possession of a tape collector.

The song I Got It was also allegedly circulating around 1994-95[8], though the legitimacy of this claim is unknown.

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