White Elephant: The Battle Of The African Ghosts (partially found Troma film; 1984)

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White elephant a.jpg

Poster of the film.

Status: Partially Found

White Elephant: The Battle of the African Ghosts (usually referred as just White Elephant) is a 1984 comedy-drama-horror film distributed by Troma Inc.

It stars Peter Firth and was written by Ashley Pharoah, which was his debut.


Peter Firth plays Peter Davidson, an arrogant Western manufacturer who comes to Africa so he can set up his modern factory and sell a computer superchip.

However, the local culture is still heavily attached to ancient religious traditions, and do not take kindly to Davidson's ambitions.


The movie has become extremely rare and is very difficult to find in its original English dub.

A Spanish dub of the film has been found a few times, but even this one is not easily accessible.


NSFW - Footage of the movie edited in a music video by a fan.

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