White Elephant: The Battle of the African Ghosts (found comedy-drama-horror Troma film; 1984)

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White elephant a.jpg

Poster of the film.

Status: Found

Date found: 27 Sept 2019

Found by: Banzai VHS

White Elephant: The Battle of the African Ghosts (usually referred as just White Elephant) is a 1984 comedy-drama-horror film distributed by Troma Inc.

It was directed and produced by Werner Grusch, with the screenplay written by Werner Grusch and Ashley Pharoah (his writing debut), and stars Peter Firth.


An entertaining, though familiar, story of a white businessman (Firth) who travels to Ghana in the hope of setting up a high-tech plastic furniture factory. He also has dreams of modernizing the country by introducing the population to the wonders of the microchip. The locals resist the perils of imperialism and modernization, however, and do their best to prevent Firth's plans from coming to fruition. Shot in Ghana by an Austrian director, and funded by British money, this likable movie is similar in tone to LOCAL HERO, with Firth being won over by the charm of the natives. Troma's poster makes it look like a horror movie, which this family movie patently isn't! A Troma pickup.[1]


The movie was extremely rare and very difficult to find in its original English dub. A Spanish dub of the film had been found a few times, but even this one was not easily accessible for a long time.

On September 27th, 2019, the YouTube channel "Banzai VHS" finally uploaded the full English dub of the film.


The full English dub (warning, film might be NSFW).

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