Witch's Lunch Box Factory (found cancelled ampm commercial in Japan; 2001)

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Witchs bento factory.jpg

Beginning of commercial

Status: Found

Date found: Jan 28 2022

Found by: A 5ch user

Witch's Lunch Box Factory (魔女のお弁当工場) was a commercial aired by ampm, a chain of convenience stores in the United States, during its expansion in Japan.


The commercial was intended to promote ampm's original Japanese product, Frozen Toretate Bento (Frozen Freshy-made Lunch Box). The commercial shows a bento factory controlled by a witch, where a large amount of preservative powder is poured over the bento. The commercial ended with a voiceover saying, "ampm's freshly-made lunch boxes are preservative-free".

The commercial aired on TBS early in the morning on February 6, 2001, but was cancelled later that day after the Japan Franchise Association requested that it refrain from airing the commercial on the grounds that it was misleading to consumers[1].


The commercial was discussed for a long time on the Japanese anonymous message board website 5ch, but the video was finally found on January 28th, 2022, when a person in possession of the recorded video suddenly appeared on the thread[2].




A 2007 Nikkei column article mentions the content of the commercial, explaining that witches in black sprinkle red, blue, and yellow powder on lunch boxes in a dark factory, saying "Be delicious, be delicious," which is different from the content of the commercial found, but it is unclear if this is a misremembering or if another version exists[3]. It further states that the commercial was cancelled three days after it aired.

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