WonHobby Gallery Online (lost Goodsmile online exhibitions; 2020)

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Wonhobby G Online Logo.jpg

The logo for the online events.

Status: Lost

The Online WonHobby Galleries were a pair of online exhibitions run by Goodsmile Company in 2020. They hosted a cavalcade of announcements for the company's various ranges, including Nendoroid and Figma. The first was on the 4th July[1], and the second on the 17th October.[2]


WonHobby, short for "Wonderful Hobby"[3], is a bi-annual event held by Goodsmile to facilitate the announcement of new products from their various ranges. In 2020, due to the Lockdowns that happened throughout the year, Goodsmile were unable to host them in their normal convention format. Instead, they hosted a virtual online version that allowed players to tour their offices. This was repeated four months later, this time changing the setting from their office to the streets of Akihabara.


The landing pages for both events still exist (here for the first iteration and here for the second), but neither of them can be used to access the interactive exhibits anymore.


The July exhibit.

The October exhibit.